Me catching a lizard in an urban habitat

I recently finished my PhD at University of Massachusetts Boston and am beginning my post-doctoral research at Washington University in St. Louis. My research focuses on ecological and evolutionary consequences of urbanization on Anolis lizards. This group of tropical lizards has a remarkable ability to rapidly adapt to changes in the environment, and many species thrive in urban areas. In my dissertation research and now my post-doctoral research, I’m trying to understand why some species thrive in these areas while others do not, how they use urban habitats, and how common these adaptive shifts are. In other words, why and how are animals evolving to keep up with drastic and rapid anthropogenic change?

I am also broadly interested in reptiles and amphibians, but really am a naturalist at heart with a soft spot for all living things. Take a look at the CV & Publications tabs to learn more about my research. Also check out my blog posts to hear about the latest things I’m up to and my blog posts on Anole Annals as a contributor.

Quick News Updates!

3/5/18 – I successfully defended my dissertation last Friday and will be leaving Boston to join Jonathan Losos at Washington University for my postdoctoral research. More details on what I’ll be up to coming soon!

Next up – headed to Miami to participate in the Anolis symposium


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